BZ Hercules offers editing services starting from $1.00 per page to authors; send your manuscript through the Authors' Editing Services Page and you will receive an e-mail confirmation. Then, pay through this secure products page. When payment is received, your personal editor will contact you to receive your work or send it to Please see what is provided for editing, proofing, betareading, and formatting prior to ordering.

Use our services individually or together. Contact us for special discounts on combined services. If you do not see the package you want, let us create one for you!

 Editing of synopses, blurbs, and cover letters with your editing order! Order here or find it on the Products list. 


Book Covers can now be ordered at through  Click on the logo for samples   


Describe your book cover (or any other project needs) through the Book Cover Description Form. Then, order through our Products Page and pay through PayPal. You will receive a response within a few hours.

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