BZ Hercules' Mission

The publishing playing field has changed...and is on board.

The mission of is to provide low-cost, high-quality services and products to authors, students, and others in need of assistance with editing and publishing work. We cater to the needs of indie and self-publishing authors and artists.


Proofing starting at $.85/page; Content Editing (includes proofing) starting at $1.10/page. Formatting for all major outlets--ebook, print, ePub! Blurbs, synopses, cover letters, uploading, indexes!

Below are the editing services prices in a nutshell. For more details, see the Author Services page.

Editing is charged by the page-- double-spaced, 12-point TNR, 1" margin all around, 0.5" indent.

Proofing--one round to check for typos, misspellings, punctuation, and other errors. $0.85/page

Basic/Content editing—a one-round edit for content (when things don’t make sense to plot or character or simply are factually incorrect) and mechanics (grammar, spelling, usage, sentence structure, etc.). $1.10/page.

Edit plus proofing—one round of the basic edit, manuscript is returned to the author, then a round of proofing, both as described above. $1.85/page

Triangulation—includes the basic edit and also a critique of the work in the form of copious comments throughout. The manuscript is then returned to the author for consultation and approval. After any changes are made by the author, then a proofing is completed. $2.15/page

Basic edit plus two proof readings—as described above with two proof readings instead of one; after each round, the manuscript is returned to the author for consultation and approval. $2.65/page

Triangulation plus an extra proofing—as described above, but with two proof readings instead of one. $2.90/page

Formatting with editing services is discounted at $1.50 per chapter per outlet (page breaks count as separate chapters; graphics and special sections as well as bullet-ed/numbered sections are also extra).


Please visit our Products Page to see the full range of services offered!

Ghostwriting Services!

If you need a cover, recommendations can be made.


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