Have you considered ghostwriting services?

Do you have a great idea for a book, but no time, inclination, or even ability? Are you working on a series that has taken off and you cannot meet demand? Do you have a recognizable name and you know your book would sell on that name alone, but you don't quite have the time or knack to write? Do you have great marketing ability, but lack writing skill or patience to do so? If this sounds like your situation, consider ghostwriting services.

Here's what ghostwriting by entails:   

Send me your chapter by chapter outline or synopsis (email address or fill out the form below. 

Make the first of 2 payments, either by ordering through the Products Page or request an invoice from me. The first payment is due prior to work beginning-- one-half of total. The second payment is due halfway through the completion of work. For example, I will contact you after writing the first 30,000 words of a 60,000 word book, attaching the first half of the book via email and send an invoice via PayPal. Once payment is received, production of the book will continue. 

Once we agree on a time frame (rush orders are available, at 50% higher cost) I will take your chapter outline and flesh it out into chapters of near-equal length. Halfway through, I will send the first half of the book to you for your comments and approval. After receiving the second payment, I will revise where needed and continue with the writing. After the second half is completed, I will send the entire book to you for approval of the second half (if you still would like changes on the first half, there is an extra charge). After any revisions are made, I will then proofread the entire book, which is built into the price of ghostwriting. If you would like formatting and uploading, we can talk!

My prices for writing a book, with a proofreading, are equal to what many editors charge for simply editing your book!

Sample word counts and their prices are as follows:

40,000 words = $2,500.00

60,000 words = $3,750,00

80,000 words = $5,000.00

Sample chapter of 2,000 words = $125.00 (payment in full upfront)

This comes to 0.0625 per word, again, less than what many editors charge for a round of edits! And, you receive a free proofreading and revisions!

In the self-publishing business, volume sells. You need quantity as well as quality to keep your books selling!

I write in most genres: Sci-Fi, Romance, History (research is extra!), Hist-Fic (research is extra!), Fantasy, Mystery, YA, Action-Adventure, Suspense, Memoirs! 

All you need is an idea--I do the rest!

Confidentiality and discretion guaranteed! Your name, your voice, your rights. 

If you have a series, I will read other books for a proofreading charge: see proofreading guidelines for this service.

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