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I have worked with students from Rowan University, Walden University, Grand Canyon University, University of Phoenix Online, Louisiana Baptist University, Concordia University Chicago, Capella University, and Seton Hall!

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Dissertation Assistance. Purpose Statements, Research, APA format, Preparing the Proposal, Organizing the Lit Review, Choosing the Methodology, Coding and Analyzing Data, Simple Stats, Findings, Planning the Defense, Formatting, Editing, (Shoulder to cry on, Confidential Committee Complaining, and Celebratory Tweets NO CHARGE!)

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Our editing experience comes from over fifteen years of academic experience with APA formatting, professional writing, and doctoral dissertation work! There is no substitute for education and experience!

Hercules is more than just an editing service; consultation through substantive feedback comments is also provided in order to improve your writing for the future.

(I edit basic essays, term papers, research papers, dissertations, theses)

(275 words = 1 page) 

Packages (these apply to academic submissions; please see the specific services provided for manuscripts

All prices apply to double-spaced submissions.

Basic Service: Edit the submission for errors; spelling, grammar, sentence structure; assist in fixing some of the technical weaknesses in the submission. (2.00 per page)

Advanced Service: All of the above; and with the use of a rubric you provide from your academic institution, I will offer feedback using the rubric as a guide in order to ascertain if you have followed the requirements, including checking content, formatting , reference list, and citations (APA and MLA only- this includes your title page, front matter, citations, tables, page numbers, charts, graphs, headings, headers, reference page, table of contents, and appendices.). Originality will also be checked in this service only ($4.00 per page). 

Consultation Services: $60.00/hour.* This rate includes replies to e-mails (1 e-mail= 20 minutes) or phone conversations in order to assist in clarifying and explaining what is needed for your study, as well as finding further research, and helping with items such as coding, understanding data collection, data analysis (use of Excel and data software) and reporting results. Organizing your dissertation also falls under "consultation," as does tweaking your lit review and aligning the entire dissertation study so that it is coherent and flows well. Consultation on weekends is a double charge.

See sample levels of consultation and hours below. Levels may be mixed to match the needs of the client.

MS Word tracking is used for correction suggestions. 

Once you fill out the editing services form, you will receive a return confirmation e-mail and I will contact you shortly. We will discuss your needs and a price quote will be sent.  Once payment is processed through Pay Pal, I will begin work. Thank you for using!



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