BZ Hercules offers editing services starting from $1.10 per page to authors ($.85/page for proofing); send your information through the Authors' Editing Services Page and you will receive an e-mail confirmation. Then, pay through this secure products page. When payment is received, your personal editor will contact you to receive your work or send it to Please see what is provided for editing, proofing, betareading, and formatting prior to ordering.

Use our services individually or together. Contact us for special discounts on combined services. If you do not see the package you want, let us create one for you!

 Editing of synopses, blurbs, and cover letters with your editing order! Order here or find it on the Products list. 

Product Price
Triangulation Service--per page

Orig. Price: $2.25

Sale Price: $2.15

Triangulation Plus Extra Proofing--per page

Orig. Price: $2.95

Sale Price: $2.90

Basic Editing--per page

Orig. Price: $1.25

Sale Price: $1.10

Editing plus proofing

Orig. Price: $2.00

Sale Price: $1.85

Editing plus two proofings

Orig. Price: $2.75

Sale Price: $2.65

Proofreading--per page

Orig. Price: $1.00

Sale Price: $0.85

Consortium Services


Minimum charge


Virtual Assistant


Sample Ghostwriting Chapter

Orig. Price: $125.00

Sale Price: $100.00

Ghostwriting Half Payment 40,000-word story


Ghostwriting Half Payment 60,000-word story


Ghostwriting Half Payment 80,000-word story


Critique--per page (with embedded comments)


Formatting for eBook--per Chapter/Page Break


Formatting for Print/Per Chapter/Page Break


Special Section Breaks in Formatting/per section


Formatting (added on editing)


Reformatting Books/per page break


Uploading Formatted Documents


Upload Kindle e-book and paperback


Re-upload to outlets


Graphic with Format/Per Graphic


One Hour Tutoring


Five Hours of Tutoring


Ten Hours of Tutoring




Free editing of synopsis, blurb, or cover letter--with editing
Blurb with Editing


Blurb without Editing


Synopsis with Editing


Synopsis without Editing


Query Letter


Hourly Consultation Rate


Academic Hourly Consultation


Ebook Cover (front only)


Full cover (includes ebook/front)

Orig. Price: $100.00

Sale Price: $70.00

Product Trailer