Javier A. Robayo

Out of the Mind of Javier A. Robayo

Javier A. Robayo emmigrated from Ecuador in 1988 at the age of 12. He kept journals in Spanish and translated them as a way of learning English during his freshman year in high school. In March of 2012, this practice led to the publication of The Gaze. He lives in Western Pennsylvania with his wife and two daughters, where he's busily at work on his next novel.


Interview with Javier A. Robayo

The Gaze     

As a sophomore in college Samantha Reddick meets Tony Amaya, a brokenhearted young man, whose written words she keeps as a memento of a weekend long affair. The words, written on the back of a paper placemat, become her only solid ground during a tumultuous decade that nearly destroys her, leaving her searching for answers at the bottom of the bottle.
Haunted by guilt and the constant menace from a man she once loved, Samantha searches for Tony and inserts herself into his life through an online friend request to his wife, Gwen. Mutual curiosity opens the door to an unexpected friendship that becomes the catalyst of an inner battle between the better woman Samantha longs to be, and the Samantha who despises her own gaze. See more about The Gaze in this trailer.
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"Mr. Robayo has the unique gift of storytelling. His character development, dialogue, use of imagery and plot are impeccably orchestrated. It was refreshing to read such fine literature."

"I began reading this book at a friends house and couldn't put it down, so borrowed it to finish it the next day. Mr. Robayo builds colorful characters and spins an intriguing plot. Highly recommend this book to all." "

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 The Next Chapter

 In this sequel to The Gaze, the unique brand of love that’s bonded Lewis Bettford and Samantha Reddick throughout their lives faces its most challenging test as a life-altering event looms in the horizon.
Lewis is assailed by a sense of an impending, drastic change that’s aggravated when his ex-partner Terence rips the fabric of his identity with one simple truth, precipitating a quest for his true self that will forever alter the next chapter of his life.


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