Dr. Lynne's Tutoring

Due to the pandemic…

Your child may have been left behind!

They may need help in Math, English/Language Arts, Social Studies, and/or Science.

A private virtual tutor may help.

Efficient, effective, and not so expensive—

The Details:

Who: Dr. Beth Lynne, a retired certified teacher (Elementary, English, Special Education, Principal) with degrees in Elementary Education, English, Leadership, and Administration. Her career in education spans  over 30 years. Dr. Lynne was a teacher of English 7-12, Math and Science grades 6-8, and of all core subjects for students with special needs. She also teaches teacher candidates online.

What: Dr. Lynne can help with the following areas:

  • English/language arts grades 3-12 (reading and writing)
  • Math grades K-6
  • Science grades 1-6
  • Social studies grades 1-8
  • College applications and accompanying essays

Where: Virtually and via e-mail. Some teleconferences are offered as well.

When: Dr. Lynne lives in the EST zone, so tutoring hours are offered between 9 a.m. and 11 p.m. (If needed, for a surcharge, tutoring may be scheduled outside of those hours. Contact for details.)

Why: If your child has fallen behind, don’t wait—catch them up before the new year begins.

How: Using the state and/or federal standards for any subject in which your child is falling behind, Dr. Lynne will create tailored lesson plans based on the following:

  • Your child’s report card or teacher reports
  • A standards-based test in the subject needed to determine areas of strength and needing improvement.
  • Your best judgment and understanding of your child’s skills

Lesson plans are created with the learner in mind, keeping in mind unique learning styles.

Fill in the feedback form below to contact Dr. Lynne to schedule a class.

Classes last for one hour minimum. Scheduling and duration are agreed upon in advance and payment is due prior to beginning sessions.

Please note that if your child is uncooperative in anyway, I will do the following in this order, remaining “on the clock”:

  1. Attempt to bring them back on track through positive reinforcement and motivation
  2. Engage the parent to assist
  3. End the class and let the parent know (There is no refund due to a child being disruptive or uncooperative; time will be credited, however, to the next session; if there is an issue at the next session, we will need to say goodbye to each other.)


One hour of tutoring is $30.00.

Five hours paid in advance is $125.00

Ten hours paid in advance is 200.00

Special rates apply to tutoring the same child and in the EST zone.

Ask about family discounts.

For academic/college papers, please click here.

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