Bruce Clothier

Bruce Clothier was born and raised in Michigan. After high school, he spent 12 years serving in the US Army and US Coast Guard. Some of his(many) hobbies include: Astronomy, model ship building, playing drums and writing. He is an avid golfer, enjoys playing softball and ice hockey and roots for the Michigan Wolverines, USC Trojans and Detroit Lions and Red Wings. He has been married for 26 years, has three children and one grandchild. 

Interview with Bruce Clothier




Expect something vastly different in this gripping story of the zombie apocalypse. This powerful and gripping thriller immerses you in the desperate struggle to survive in a brutal and violent world. Highly detailed, this narrative hammers you with relentless scenes of tense action and heartbreaking anguish. With his parents lost, Michael Nelson’s world is suddenly ripped apart and he finds himself alone with no one he can turn to for help. Armed with only a shotgun and a strong desire to stay alive, he steps into an insane new world gone to hell. Soon he meets and befriends Abigail Martin, a tiny girl with captivating blue eyes who has endured several harrowing experiences of her own. Traveling with a third companion, a huge Newfoundland dog named Herbie, they make their way across a land seething with enemies, living and dead. Their friendship quickly blossoms into something much greater than simple companionship and when things get darkest, they discover latent abilities within each other that offer hope for the embattled remnants of humanity.

"For hardcore zombie lovers, Clothier provides lots of blood, guts and some terribly violent zombie slaying"


"A Darkness Shattered was so vivid a telling of a post Apocalyptic world that the imagery of the narrative kept me entranced. Clothier is a brilliant storyteller who manages to be vivid and descriptive without bogging the story down in any way."




"Author Bruce Clothier develops a realistic and credible account of what a national emergency could entail, whether by zombies, war, terrorism, or disease."












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