Brian Wilkerson

Brian Wilkerson was born in Lawrence, Kansas and later moved to Twin Cities, Minnesota. While in high school, he wrote fanfiction about his favorite anime and while attending college, he switched to original fiction. He majored in English Literature and History, but ended up working for a bank. After hours, he continues watching anime and writing original fiction.

 A Mage's Power; Journey to Chaos Book 1

Genre: Fantasy, Modern Fantasy, Action-Adventure


"I am Tasio the Trickster and I am here to help you."

Due to 'help' from a mischievous trickster, Eric is stranded in a world where monsters and magic are as common as homework and hotdogs. While he struggles to adjust he recieves an offer to join a mercenary guild. Between training and missions he's unaware of the forces at work in his life. All of them have a stake in his quest to acquire A Mage's Power.


"Evil Eye...." He said in a tone reserved for nightmares. "Only a Mercenary would-"

Eric fired a gust of wind but Getis parted it and shot a fireball the size of a mini-fridge. Eric countered with a waterball and the resulting steam enshrouded the arena. Marble cracked and broke free as Getis chanted a rockball and threw it at Eric. The mercenary blew it away along with the steam. The two mages Rock-Paper-Scissored through all ten elements and back to fire. This time Eric simply dodged and cast a rock spell between his legs. The noble screamed extra girly.







Looming Shadow; Journey to Chaos Book 2

Genre: Fantasy, Modern Fantasy, Action-Adventure


Eric returns to Tariatla but his reputation precedes him. In his new home he is hailed as Dengel's Vessel and The Trickster's Choice. Neither of these titles will allow him to live as a humble mercenary. They attract dangerous attention. A shadow looms over Eric and will stop at nothing to snuff him out.


Eric was bound to a chair. His wrists and ankles were shackled to the chair legs as well as his arms and legs. A magic canceling collar was locked on his neck and a thick gag tied between his teeth. Four floodlights shined on him from four directions. There was not a single shadow in the room.

“Wake up, my little shadow. I wish to speak with you.”

The first thing Eric noticed was a groggy feeling preventing him from truly waking up. The second thing he noticed was that his neck was cold and his mouth was stuffed and dry. His wrists and ankles were stiff and immobile. So this is what Kasile felt like...

He breathed through his nose and high concentrations of mana flowed into him. It revived him. He hadn't tasted mana like this since he was in Roalt and it made him more alert than he'd felt in two weeks. Then he opened his eyes and saw Mr.15. At once, he tried to disappear, but the floodlights shredded his Dark Veil immediately.

“I see you appreciate the lights I've provided you,” Mr.15 said affably. “These are not mere mana-powered lamps but genuine light-elemental energy. Your pesky darkness will not work in here.”

Eric tried, but the darkness was out of reach. Even if his mana wasn’t trapped by the collar, he wouldn’t be able to hide his pinkie, let alone his whole body.

“One for each crime against me.” Mr.15 stood at Eric's upper left corner. “The first is for capturing Dark Staff: the traitorous bitch sold me out to the Bloody Daggers.” He stepped to the upper right corner. “The second is for having the gall to invade my lair.” He stepped to the lower right. “The third is for learning under that despicable child, Basilard.” He stepped to the lower left. “The fourth is for attacking my precious children. A prison of light for a creature of shadow. What do you think?”

Eric couldn’t reply, but Mr.15 acted as though he had.

“Yes, it was difficult preparing this room, but given that you are a special guest, it was the least I could do. You will remain here until I finish discussing business with your superior, at which point, I will give you to Nulso. You may or may not be alive at that point.”





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