Mima is a writer from Canada. She has been writing professionally since 2010. She is a fiction writer/blogger. Her most current work is A Spark before the Fire. Mima describes her work here:

“A Spark before the Fire is about a young man's journey from childhood to adulthood and the tough lessons he learns along the way. The main character, Jimmy Groome, is insecure and shy as a child but eventually grows into an outgoing and rebellious teen, who struggles with many demons.”

Mima's ideas come to her easily, in her words, anyway. “I don't really decide; as corny as it may sound, the stories tend to find me. I find music a huge inspiration and it's generally while listening to my favorite songs that I start to visualize scenes that turn into books.”

Her major challenge is, “I tend to be a bit anxious so it can be difficult to really sit down and focus on the actual writing. Although, I am working on that :-).”

One of her favorite authors is James Frey. "When I first read A Million Little Pieces, I was taken aback by his style. But I loved how he really dug right into complex and difficult emotions, it's very raw and I love it! I also recently discovered Cecilia Ahern. I love her books ‘cause they kind of dive a bit into fantasy while at the same time, her characters are flawed and easy to relate to as compared to many characters created by other authors. Plus she doesn't really do the 'happily ever after' ending...where everything is 'neatly' tied up.”

Mima also attributes some of her inspiration to a particular musician. "I'm not a musician, but I will say that Marilyn Manson's music greatly inspires much of my writing. It's very dark and takes me where I want to go." 

Mima would like her readers to know that she is “Funny, crazy...etc. Ha...and, I hate it when other authors or artists act pretentiously over their art! Everyone has potential to be an artist. No one is the 'chosen ones.' We just all decide to focus on different areas of our lives.”

When asked about her best advice for aspiring writers."Best advice? Really know your characters! Also remember that every character is an aspect of yourself ... the bitchy one, the naive one, the crazy one ... they all are aspects of yourself! Explore them and the book will write itself. Never think you are in control of the story, it takes you where it wants to go, just in life!"


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