Brian Wilkerson is from Lawrence, Kansas. He is the author of Journey to Chaos Book 1: A Mage's Power. He is in Human Resources for a bank, but has been writing professionally for six months. He writes in the fantasy genre.

In A Mage’s Power, a mercenary mage travels and fights monsters while a trickster gives him a hard time.
Wilkerson’s characters are diverse and exciting Eric is a trickster without confidence, Tiza is a crude glory seeker, Nolien is also a glory seeker but too polite to say so, and Basilard is a war veteran that has to train them all.
Wilkerson’s schedule does not always allow for writing. “There never seems to be enough time, and when there is, something else usually comes up.”
He does not choose a preferred author—“'Favorite' is too difficult, but I can do 'influential.' Tamora Pirece and her Tortall books provided help in terms of a mundane fantasy society as opposed to epic fantasy.”
As to how Wilkerson attained his current “chaotic” status, “I chanced upon a website called 'tvtropes' and, as we say on the site, Went Mad From The Revelation.”
He offers this advice for the aspiring writer. “Find an editor; either hire one or recruit a friend. I wasted the equivalent of days proofreading my own manuscript, only to find more errors in the next pass.”
Wilderson’s blog is at where you can find links to his work!