Bruce Clothier is the author of A Darkness Shattered. He was able to take a break from beating down errant zombies in order to interview with BZ Hercules. Clothier is from Michigan and writes horror novels, particularly those that feature zombies. A Darkness Shattered is the first volume in The Darkmind Saga. It is a work of fiction in the zombie apocalypse genre. Two teenagers are forced to fend for themselves when the outbreak occurs and the story tells of their meeting, subsequent adventures and heartbreaks they are forced to deal with in the course of their journey.

Clothier decides what to write by just imagining himself in the shoes of the character and tries to make them as believable as possible. “Events in the story are purely my overactive imagination at work!”

He writes because “I have enjoyed reading fiction since I was a boy and always wanted to see if I could write a story people would enjoy. So basically I write for the enjoyment of others!”

Tanja Segal designed the cover of Clothiers’ novel.

As for challenges in his writing, Clothier feels that the devil is in the details: “I like to see detail in books, but not so much that it kills the pace of the story. I think that is the biggest challenge for me - knowing when enough is enough.”

He has several favorite authors: “Raymond E Feist, Michael Crichton and Tom Clancy as my favorite authors. Details, details, details!”

As for new authors that grasp his interest: “I just read two books I really enjoyed: Lucy Stands on Her Principal by BZ Hercules (I know, but I mean it—Interviewer’s note—Yes, I agree!) and Ishtar Bound by Natalie Gibson. I enjoyed both very much and picked up the second book in each series as soon as I finished (Interviewer’s note—Good!).

Clothier’s work is influenced by several authors. “Again, I think Feist, Crichton and Clancy allow me to 'see' the action as well as anyone and if I try to emulate anyone it's one of them or a mixture of all three.”

Clothier is grateful to his many readers, and there is more to come from this zombie apocalypse writer. “Thank you very much for all the positive reviews and feedback! Also, thanks for making contact with me to let me know how you're doing-I love hearing from you! Hope you enjoy the ride Michael and Abby are going to give you over the course of the next two volumes!”

Clothier uses Twitter and Facebook plus word of mouth to promote his work. “Gracious help from sites and blogs like  has been greatly appreciated!”

Link to A Darkness Shattered at www.adarknessshattered.comand also on Kindle and Smashwords, as well as