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They call me Rachel Kelly… probably because that's what my parents put on my birth certificate back in New Bern, NC in the early '80s. I grew up the child of two Marine Corps parents in Eastern North Carolina. I went to College as FAR away from my hometown as I could get in a little known place called Cullowhee. It's an unincorporated town, not even a real town. The barber is the unofficial mayor.

I fell in love with a guy at work while teaching him how to count down his cash drawer at the end of the night. After finally convincing him to ask me out, a week later he asked me to choose between marriage and breaking up. I said, "Sure, lets get married," and here we are 12 years later.

I was whisked away by my true love to California where I had two of my 4 kids while he got a Masters of Divinity and started a Financial Services Company (exotic, I know). The stock market crashed and we left California about as broke as a family of 4 could be and moved back to North Carolina.

After 2 years in NC, the stock market crashed again. But we still had 2 more kids (Can't stop true love).

Tired of being broke and having the stock market wreak havoc on our lives, Brad (my husband) moved out to the Oil Mecca of Williston, ND. After nearly 3 months I decided being a single Mom of 4 was waaaaaay overrated and I packed up the family, threw 1/2 our stuff in storage, rented out the house, and headed for the Great White North.

With no one to call a great friend (just yet) I hunkered down to write my fingers off in ND. The scenery inspired me and I got VERY serious about Colorworld. I fell in love with the rolling plains, the bitter cold, and the amazing people coming from all over the world to change their fortunes forever.


Genre: Sci-fi/paranormal/romance

Links: http://colorworldbooks.com

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Blurb of Colorworld:

Wen knows what love looks like. Since her mom died over a year ago, she’s seen it every day on her orphaned younger brother’s face. Wen’s made good on her promise to her mom that she’d take care of Ezra, even quitting her carefree party-girl ways to become a hard-working college student so she can provide for him. 
Wen knows what love feels like, too. Because when she touches people, she feels what they do. "Uniquely perceptive" is what her mom called it, and Wen’s not going to argue; she doesn’t know any different. 
But an energy therapy study changes not only what Wen knows about her unusual gift; it also changes her. Now, instead of feeling emotions, her touch brings death to others. No one is safe around her, especially Ezra. 
Wen turns to energy healers for help. And that’s where she meets him: Mr. Tenacious and Audacious, Gabe Dumas. He knows about love, too; he speaks it in ways Wen has never experienced. And he’s never even touched her. 
With her heart unravelling, Wen discovers a world only she can see. It may offer hope for her condition… or it may be better left hidden.  

Excerpt from Colorworld:

“Lie still and allow yourself time to adjust,” Dina says from across the room.

I turn my head toward her. She’s leaning over the desk and writing something down on her clipboard. I remember what just happened. “That’s a ‘light hypnotic state’?” I say with skeptical sarcasm. It could be. I don’t know much about hypnotism, but instinct tells me I was hypnotized as heavily as a person can be and still be conscious.

Dina’s face appears a little older, her pores more visible, her wrinkles deeper. Her makeup looks untidily distributed over blatant blemishes. I can see the rise and fall of her pulse at her temple in time with the sound of her heart. Maybe the residual hyper-alert state of hypnosis hasn’t worn off yet.
She stands up fully and crosses her arms. She shrugs dismissively while Derek stands at her elbow taking his own notes intently. “The point is to get you relaxed. Some people require a deeper hypnotism than others to do that.” She says the words casually, but there’s a hint of insult there.

I ignore it. I can’t decide whether I’m upset by the deception. I’m too busy marveling at how the entire session felt like a trip into an alternate reality. Except my eyesight. It seems… improved? And my hearing… I test it again, cringing a little when the sounds explode forth with clarity. I shove back at them. Yeah, my hearing is definitely improved.

“Are you all right?” Dina asks.

I don’t answer. How long are these enhanced senses going to continue? I turn my eyes to the ceiling. The texture of the panels moves into focus, and I trace the pits and valleys with my eyes. Blue color brushes the pocked surface haphazardly; it looks like bubbles of air escaped during the drying process. The detail surprises me, and I’m less convinced that this is a temporary side-effect.

I look back at Derek, noting the irregular pattern of the blue irises around his pupils. I retract my focus and brush at a piece of dust in my face. Something has happened to my eyes and ears. I never could see this level of detail before. I’m ten feet away from Derek and should not see the dilation of his pupils, the intricate arrangement of the blood vessels on the whites of his eyes, or each individual eyelash with this kind of distinction.

I must have gasped, because Dina moves forward in front of my view and says, “Is everything okay, Wendy? What are you experiencing?”

I’m jittery with a sudden pulse of impatience now that Dina is next to me. I wince away from her.

“Um…” I’m unsure of what to say.

“How are you feeling?” Dina asks as jealousy flares up hotly in the background of my unease.
I look down to my feet. No one is touching me! But I’m certain these are not my feelings.

I move my arms to sit up again, and Dina puts her hand on my wrist, maybe to help me, maybe to make me lie back down. I don’t have a chance to find out.


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