Anthony Barrow is the CEO of Avemoney Publishing. He is a writer, as well as a CEO, and has been writing in Los Angeles, California for four years. He writes in the urban genre. Hi most recent work is Los Angeles Tymez Urban Tales, a novel that consists of three short stories co-authored by Big Tray Dee of the Eastsidaz and JDee Cooper, part of Ice Cube's legendary group, Da Lench Mob. The three take readers on a journey from different aspects of the Los Angeles, California lifestyle. The give us a glimpse of the gangbangin,, hustling, and also young women that feel the only option of survival out in the streets and maintaining an income is to enter into the stripper’s lifestyle. “We give you every aspect of Los Angeles underworld, and this is why we chose to title it Los Angeles Tymez.”

When asked to describe his characters, Barrow says that “In my particular story, yes the main character is created through the life lessons I grew to learn living the gangbangin’ lifestyle. I take you on a journey through a young teen’s way of thinking and mentality growing up without a father, being raised by his mother, and the Los Angeles streets where his only goal and mission is to get money by any means, while shielding his younger brother from the street life that he finds himself caught up in, by steering him another way at an young age, but finds himself growing deeper in the streets, with only his street mentor, Big Homie’s, guidance and wisdom giving to him as armor to help him navigate through the streets.”

Barrow is inspired by circumstance and a desire to share his story. “What inspires me to write is my experiences, along with wanting to hand down the knowledge I have obtained from being caught up in the street life, and catching a 16-year prison sentence myself at the age of 17. I want to be able to write entertaining novels, but bless them with wisdom and try to give understanding to those who only know what they hear and see on TV or in magazines, and be able to give some type of hope and wisdom to those who feel caught up in the lifestyle.”

Barrow has some unique challenges when writing. “It’s challenging at times to create while maintaining a sense of reality in the fiction form because I want to give the readers something they can feel and hold, so I try to intertwine day-to-day real life issues but keep it in fictional form.”

Barrow is a fan of several authors and musicians and shares a close bond with those who inspire him. “I can say my coauthors, Big Tray Dee and JDee Cooper, of course, are my favorites due to the fact I grew up listening to their music because they speak on the same realities in the music I strive to address in my writing, and another author I like is Dutch Kwame Teague.”

An amazing fact about Barrow is that “I am still incarcerated, going on my 16th year, but am due for release next year, 2015.”

Barrow’s advice to aspiring writers? “Just get your novel out your head and on paper, write, rewrite, and rewrite again. And remember everything that you publish and present to the world has your name on it, so do your best.”

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