Image of Franklyn Thomas Franklyn C. Thomas has written The Favorite.

He is from Bellingham, Washington and is a sleep technician. He has been writing professionally for nine years. He writes “A little of everything, but my two novels are both Sports Fiction.”

In the author’s words, “The Favorite follows a boxer who is told by his crooked promoter to throw a title fight. He reexamines his career and life, sees that his career is a lie and his personal life is a huge mess, and decides he can do better. But while doing better means being a winner and a positive example for his unborn daughter, it also means crossing some very dangerous people.”

He describes his main character, a very real and relatable one. “My main character, Michael Dane, is a good guy caught up in a bad situation. He's the occasional muscle for his drug-running promoter, he's done time in jail, and he's alienated his pregnant ex-girlfriend and the trainer that raised him like a father. And the carrot of a title shot is dangled right in front of him, only for him to be told he can't have it.”

Is Michael Dane based on Thomas? “My personality does come into play in some of my writing. i asked myself -- a lot -- what I would do if I were in Michael's shoes, how would I go about getting out of his situation, and how far I would be willing to go to do so. As far as the motivations, well, everyone wants to be someone their parents and kids can look up to, and that's a big part of his motivation.”

Thomas’ inspiration is not a set-in-stone aspect of his writing. As he states, “Inspiration is a weird thing. I spend a lot of time talking with people at my day job, and in those conversations, you come across some pretty interesting situations. Combine that with some of your own stories from your own past, and some of that starts to look really intriguing.”

Thomas names his greatest writing challenge as “The hardest part is trying to force myself not to edit before it's time to edit.”

Some influences in Thomas’ writing include: Stephen King, Chuck Palahniuk, and Christopher Moore. “King I like for his ability to describe a place to an absolute tee; I like Palahniuk for his subversive narrative style, nothing is as it seems with him and that's so much fun; I like Moore because all his characters are so exasperated by the lunacy they're involved in. That is so much fun as a reader.”

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