RS McCoyhas written Sparks and is from “The Lone Star State.”
McCoy’s philosophy on writing is that, because, “I have always loved sci-fi and fantasy, and I feel like a good author writes a book that they would like to read. So I write sci-fi, fantasy and a bit of romance here and there as well.”
Sparks tells the story of Lark, a young man who can read minds but can’t control the ability. He has to learn how to use his ability while dealing with some of the usual growing up experiences. Dating becomes particularly interesting!”
McCoy describes the characters from Sparks. “Lark comes from a close family, much like my own. He works hard and he’s very loyal to those he cares about. In a lot of ways, he shows my favorite traits in my husband.”
She finds the “after-writing” somewhat challenging and describes the process, as she sees it. “Oh, writing is a load of fun and I really enjoy the time I spend writing. Editing is another story. Finding typos, inconsistencies and revising for flow, imagery and emotional impact feel tedious. My editor will tell you that my understanding of verb tenses could use some major improvement! It is truly unfair that writing can happen in weeks while editing can take months.”
For inspiration, McCoy credits the following: “I grew up reading sci-fi (thanks, Dad!) and Asimov was the first author I read who really stuck with me. He builds worlds with amazing structure and complexity, like the Three Laws of Robotics, but still manages to create strong emotion and challenge readers intellectually. Those are the traits that I strive to develop with my writing.”

Her advice for aspiring writers is: “Just do it! If you have a story to tell, then write it down and share it with others. I can’t imagine how many amazing works are getting dusty on desktops because their authors lack the courage to bring it into the daylight. Anything new is scary, but writing has the ability to be fulfilling in a way I haven’t found in many other areas.”
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