Michael Gilwood is from Dartford, England. He is an English teacher who has been writing professionally for forty years. His latest work is a science fiction horror adventure called Anomaly.


Anamoly is based on twelve different planets. It concerns human evolution. It is about human bondage and understanding of the unknown and how we deal with it.

He draws on his past and present experiences to shape his characters and becomes inspired by everyday life. “I get an idea, expand it, then throw it around, adding lots of ideas.”

When asked what his challenges in writing are, he states, “My worst has always been the first page. That introductory bit.”

Gilwood’s favorite author is “Arthur C Clarke most definitely. His outlook to detail and his broad imagination” have influenced Gilwood a great deal.

An interesting fact about Gilwood involves something all writers can relate to well. “My record in one day was 7000 words when I had a deadline to present a short story.”

Gilwood encourages aspiring writers with “My advice is just keep up the good work, be persistent and never let anything get you down. There is nothing I would have done differently.”


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