jmc James M. Copeland is a U.S. writer who has been writing since 2006. He writes in the Mystery/Romance/Crime genre and his latest work is Blindsided.

The author states, “I started this book when I first started writing. I put it in a drawer and didn't look at it for a year. I took it out, several times, edited it about 27 times before the copy editor started on it. The name of the book was changed seven times. The story line is good and solid. Detective Frank Hawthorn is a normal kind of guy who won't be satisfied with half way. He and I need to know the answer to any question of a crime or intention.”

Copeland goes on to describe his characters. “Detective Frank Hawthorn has needs wants and fears just like the rest of us. One of his best attributes is the desire to know the rest of the story. The story leads the action of the main character. Just like us you don't exactly know how Frank will react to a certain circumstance, however you can depend on him doing the right thing...considering!”
Copeland derives his inspiration from within. “I have a very vivid imagination. I can take a mop and make a story from it...if necessary. That hasn't happened yet, but who knows.”

He finds “Keeping the story flowing” very challenging. “Sometimes, the things that my characters do causes problems that have to have some extra thought.”

His favorite author is Michael Connelly. “My Detective Frank Hawthorn is similar to Detective Harry Bosch. I admire Connelly in sticking to the job of writing and the continuity he displays in his characters. I have met the man personally and believe him to be a very straightforward kind of guy with a world of talent.”

When asked if there is anything crazy or funny about Copeland that he wants to share with fans, he says, “Maybe funny, I don't know but the tree behind me in the picture is a fig tree. I grow ‘em, pick ‘em, and can them into fig preserves. That and buttered biscuits are great! Naw, I don't think that's funny, it's the truth.”

Lastly, he shares this advice for aspiring writers. “Write every day, put it away, then take it out and correct it. You can't correct anything you haven't written. I'll do that as long as I live and continue to improve my craft.”

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