Julie Ryan is from the UK. She has writtent the novel Jenna's Journey. Her day job is Distance Language Tutor and she has been writing professionally for about eighteen months. The genre in which she writes is contemporary romantic mystery.

Jenna’s Journey, as described by the author, is “romantic mystery set in Greece. Imagine Sliding Doors meets Shirley Valentine.” The main character, Jenna, “is trapped in a failing marriage and goes to Greece on a whim to decide waht to do. Although the inspiration came from my own experience, Jenna is much younger and prettier than me!”

Ryan gains inspiration also from “Ideas {that} seem to float around my head until it's time to set them down on paper.” Her challenges come from the middle part of the story, which is “tricky,” and “I really don't like the editing and formatting process.”

When asked who her favorite author is, Ryan states, “There are so many, it's like asking which limb would you prefer to lose, an arm or a leg? However, John Fowles, author of The Magus and The French Lieutenant's Woman, is my hero. He captures the time, the place, and the characters perfectly and in a way you don't expect.”

Fans of Ryan will be very surprised to learn, “The most amazing thing I have ever done is become a first time Mum at 46!!!”

She advises writers to “Keep at it and make sure that your work is the best it can be.”


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Twitter: @julieryan18