Deon Durr has written Heroes: Volume 1. He is from Gainesvillie Florida and is a student who has been writing professionally for about a year and half. He writes in the Action and Adventure, Science-Fiction, Horror, Fantasy, lyric and poetry genres.

His most recent novel, Heroic Chronicles, is kind of a spin-off to his first novel. Multiple stories take place within the continuity.
His personality shapes some, but not all the characters. “Certain characters are kinda based on me and my inner struggles and goals I have in life. I take certain aspects on my life and I put then on paper. And with that, I feel I give real emotion to my character and story.”

What inspires Durr is, “Anything, to be honest, and sometimes a story or song just comes into my head. I also try to be contemporary with my writing.”

His challenges are most notably associated with writer’s block. “Getting past the development or first chapter. I get these wonderful ideas, but I never know how to start them off.”

His favorite author is Stephen King. ”He knows how to scare people. And when I'm writing something scary or suspenseful, I try to channel him.”
As far as music, Durr states that “TLC has influenced my lyric-writing; they inspired me to want to get in the music business. They brought such important topics to the light, with timeless music, and I hope to accomplish this with my lyric writing someday.”

Readers will be surprised that Durr likes to “sing and rap, but I would say I am a better rapper than singer.” He has an interest in the military as well. “I was in NJROTC for 4 years back in high school.”

He encourages aspiring writers to “write about something you love, express who you are as a writer, and never give up. My first novel, I would have done differently. I would not have nitpicked as much as I did, and I would have taken more time to write it.”

Readers can learn more about Heroes: Volume 1 and the upcoming sequel, and also the many titles of Heroic Chronicles, which are released through

His 1st poetry and lyric novel Rebellious Life, Retributive Soul and his horror web series Time Killer are all on