Jane Carroll is the writer of “The Bertha Series.” She is a school nurse from Alabama and has been writing professionally for about 10 years.

Her work is categorized as “Self-Help Motivational as a Narrative.” Her latest work, Becoming Bertha, is hot off the Kindle press...released on July 6, 2013. Carroll describes her thoughts about her interesting and unique novel here.

“It's truly a book of personal transformation for the narrator, Honey. Spurred by the zany antics of Bertha, Honey is on a mission of forget who she was and become who she is. Of course, it's filled with flashy wardrobes, flawless mani-pedis, a worrisome cat, and Bertha's signature high-heels. A lot of fun and growth all rolled into one engaging read!

"Bertha is bigger than life with big red hair, vibrant spandex capris, high-heels, and great nails. She's always up to something that is designed to help her 'feel good' and 'create the life she wants'.

"Honey, the narrator, soaks up Bertha's soapbox lessons and teaches a few of her own as she becomes the woman she already is."

Please note: “The cat...definitely has a bad 'catittude' and keeps Bertha on her feet!”

Carroll uses her own frame of reference when developing her characters. “Bertha and Honey are definitely parts of my personality as is the nemesis Rita. The book is really about blending those parts of yourself...and becoming who you are.

"The no way reflects my personality...or anyone else' is a CAT after all. ;):"

And, Carroll pulls from her own life when deciding what to write. “Life inspires me. I get 'Bertha' lessons from almost everything I do...from watering the lawn to cleaning the gutters...there's a lesson in everything!”

There are still challenges, even when the words come right from life. “Writing the Bertha series was only challenging in that it is life lessons and I really had to write them as I learned them. When I sat down and tried to 'force' the words to come, I didn't like them very much. I think writing fiction is different and I hope to try my hand at that soon.”

Other authors have shaped Carroll’s writing, and one in particular. “Og Mandino is my all time favorite author. His ability to weave a personal growth message into a narrative definitely inspired me with the creation of the character Bertha. I mean...why write about self-help techniques...when Bertha could demonstrate them...while wearing spandex and high-heels?!”

What is next for Carroll? “I'm really considering writing fiction...still with a personal transformation slant...but...the next Bertha book has started to rumble as knows?” 

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