Marc D. Brown is the author of 20Seven. He is from York, UK and is a Medical Records Clerk. He has been writing poetry professionally for one year. 20Seven is a dark, real life kind of poetry that isn't pretentious and that everyone can get into and enjoy.

Brown calls on music as his inspiration the most above anything else. The largest challenge in his writing is "the last stage of putting a book together where I’m frantically trying to find the scraps of paper I’ve written on or find the odd files on the laptop that are all saved in different places so  can fuse them all together, so in some respects... I find myself particularly challenging." 

Remaining true to his inspiration, Brown does not profess to have a favorite writer of print work. "This may sound silly and quite bad to any hardcore (or pompous) readers but I don’t have a favourite, as I don’t read a great deal. My attention span isn’t the greatest and I don’t find the time. Music and bands/artists lyrics thats where I'm at...Jim Morrison(The Doors), Keith Buckley(Every Time I Die), Cameron Heacock (American Head Charge), Josh Scogin (The Chariot)...etc. A crazy and interesting fact about Brown is that "I've been pierced 15 times in the past but no longer have any!" He tells aspiring writers, "Just keep plodding on ... as with everything/every goal in life ... keep going and you'll get there eventually. The more you put into it on the way, the better you'll feel when you get there!"

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