Tracy Kauffman has written My Boyfriend the Squire.

She is from Alabama and is a professional writer/nurse.
She has been writing professionally for a year and writes in the young adult fiction genre.
My Boyfriend the Squire is a young adult fiction fantasy book about a girl who travels back in time to save a princess from her father the king and free a magical spell cast on her mother.
Lucinda is the main character and she is the spitting image of Princess Grace. She is shy but with much courage. Chadwick is the squire and he is the same age as Lucinda. He is the perfect picture of a Squire. He is good-looking, courageous, and helps Lucinda to get back home. Kauffman says, “My personality somewhat determines the characters. I am like Lucinda because I am shy but can be bold as a lion if I need to be.”
Kauffman says her inspiration comes from, “Things from everyday life. I love writing and the words come easy to me. I hate to edit, though, because when I write, the story is the way I want it to go. Sometimes editors want you to change your work.”
As far as authors that Kauffman likes to read, she states, “I love several different authors, but Jeff Buick comes to mind. He wrote African Ice and I love reading about adventures.”
When asked to relate something crazy or interesting, Kauffman shares, “In my first book, Southern Adventures, I tell some pretty embarrassing things about myself. You'll have to read the book to find out what.”
She tells aspiring writers to “Keep working, don't give up. Try out different avenues until you find a perfect fit for you.”
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