Daughters of Ares Chronicles

   Shannon McRoberts is from Kentucky. She has written The Daughter of Ares Chronicles and writes in the genres of poetry, fantasy, and sci-fi. By day, she has “a desk job that is by all means is not glamorous,” but it involves a lot of technical writing. She has been writing poetry since she was a teenager and has had several assignments for different places for “years and years.”

Her most recent work involves “a world that mixes what you know about mythology and what I have created about mythology. In this world, there is a young immortal born named Athine who will either be the salvation or the destruction of everything under the N'Loron.”

McRoberts is inspired “by a lot of things. Most of my ideas just hit me. It has taken me a very long time to come out of my shell and incorporate what I like into something I created. I have always liked strong female characters. When Conan came out I liked it, but when Red Sonja came out, I liked it more. I was more into She-RA than He-man. I wanted Anne Rice's Claudia to live on forever. I loved USA's La Femme Nikita. I always routed for Buffy and Xena.  I do like LOTRs and things in that genre. I will always love Wonder Woman! I also like to play MMORPGs like Guild Wars 1 and 2. It is all of these influences that roll around in my head that finally one day just exploded into the Daughter of Ares Chronicles. Once I started, I found myself unable to stop writing.”

“Finding time to actually write when I am feeling creative,” is a challenge that McRoberts identifies. “Life gets in the way of my fantasy worlds! I need something that I can just think and the words appear LOL. I tend to think faster than I can type the words down. I even tried just making notes when the urges hit, but I find the story comes together when I sit down to type it, which is hard!”

As far as favorite and influential authors, “The first author I ever loved was Anne Rice. I bought every vampire book the woman made. Every companion, every movie spun off. I don't know that she influenced me as just kept me entertained and wanting to read fantasy. She was a very good author and a great companion for the lonely high school student with few friends.

McRoberts feels that her fans will be interested to know, “I am very head strong and independent, like many of the characters I write about.”

She advises aspiring writers that if she started over again, “I would research my publication options better. Don't fall into the traps of ‘exclusivity’ unless you really want to be exclusive. I made that mistake early into the digital world. Also, if you don't want a ‘big book deal’ don't let some yahoo tell you that you are lazy if you decide to do it all yourself. You have your own deadlines and own agendas that way. You may never be an Anne Rice in fame, but I am most satisfied by what I accomplished on my own. No middle man required!”

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