The Awakening of Graye Moon

  Coffey Brown has recently written the soon-to-be-released The Awakening of Graye Moon. It is an LGBT YA novel. Brown's work is also be in the form of adult fiction and motivational.

She is originally from Upstate NY, but living currently outside of Charlotte, NC.

A summary of The Awakening of Graye Moon is as follows: "Warwick Valley High School junior, Graye Moon, strolled innocently through the hallways at school in the shadows of her older sister, Sylver, and had never been interested in dating. Her parents strictly enforced their no dating before eighteen rule, discouraging her from seeking more than friendships. Graye was focused on hanging with her best friends, doing her homework, playing sports, and staying away from the pranks her sisters Sylver and Blu conjured up.

"Out of nowhere, a mesmerizing glimpse of her best friend, Mackenzie, sends a jolt of confusion and distraction dancing down her spine. The arrival of her feelings ignite anger and fear in Graye. Thoughts of Mackenzie begin invading every aspect of her life contradicting what she always assumed it would be. Noticing the changes in her behavior, her sisters try bullying her into confessing the source of her distraction.

"When Graye Moon’s body and, ultimately, her soul awaken, it changes every aspect of her normally uneventful quite life and her lifelong friendship with Mackenzie. Sent down a road she never expected to travel Graye fears she’ll come out on the losing end. Will Graye’s inability to ignore her feelings result in the loss of her best friend? Will she acquire peace as her life slightly changes course? Even if she doesn’t want to, Graye will soon find out."

Brown finds her motivation and inspiration from several places. "Sometimes it comes from talking to people. Other times I sit in front of my laptop writing freestyle and a story emerges. I am inspired by the stories I hear from clients or people that I connect with. I also get inspired by taking walks, sitting near an ocean or river, and a cool sunny day. It doesn't take much. Many authors have influenced my work. However, LGBT authors that have been courageous enough to publish have been the most influential. In the realm of spiritual/motivational books that I intend to publish in the future, I must say specifically Iyanla Vanzant and Wayne Dyer. As far as new authors, "There are too many to name that have grabbed my interest. I am leaning towards a lot of indie authors more than I was before." Maya Angelou is her favorite author, "because of what she has become despite the trauma she experienced growing up. She has always been and will remain at the top of my list."

Music is a large part of Brown's life as well. "I love music as much as I love writing. There are many Gospel artists and others that have provided my spirit with the calmness to write freely and from the heart. I don't usually write without music playing. When I write, I have both the television and music on at the same time. I like loud music. I feel that I write best that way. Also, I love to sing and write lyrics."

Brown is challenged by the speed at which she writes. "I have a lot of ideas and sometimes work on more than one manuscript at a time. However, it never seems fast enough."

Carol Webb (Bella Media Managements) and Signe Nichols (Firebird Media Mgmt) design Brown's covers and artwork. Brown relies on the editing talents of Lisa Dawn Martinez to proof her finished novels. Brown promotes on Twitter, FB, and and she belongs to groups such as World Literary Café.

Although Graye Moon is not released yet, Brown has another book available, called BrookLyn's Journey, on Kindle and in paperback.