Time Shift: The Paradigm

Robbie Thomas is from Ontario, Canada. His most recent work is Time Shift: The Paradigm. He is known for writing both Non-Fiction and Fiction works. He discusses Time Shift: The Paradigm and his vision for writing it.

"Time Shift is based on a factual event that took place in 2011 that shook the world. It was prior to this event a movie script by the same name, was being developed and corroborated on with producers. The 9.0 earthquake/tsunami, off the coast of Japan; chaos, apocalyptic events, it really did happen. I then sat for a while collecting myself for this might have been a vision of sorts, a message if you will, and it had to be told. So, hence the book by the same name, which has been twisted with fiction, horror, suspense, action, and thriller details that have many critics raving over it."

Thomas talks about his writing process. "It was easy really once the premise for the movie script was in place. The events that outline throughout the book, take the reader to various places around the world as parallel worlds are now merging with ours, creating havoc on the populous. There is a deep profound message within its pages that many have found themselves saying in reviews that it is a book you can't put down."

His inspiration comes from the simple fact of our existence as humans, "the precipice as a human race that we all are. We struggle each day to find how we all fit in, in this life and where it is all going. The separation of each other is clearly brought forward in this book on a huge spiritual level that will show we all indeed need each other to co-exist in this life for a better life. Mankind is the inspiration behind this book."

He, along with his daughter, created the entire theme and cover of the artwork for the book.

Thomas sets goals for himself that sometimes may be extreme. He sets timelines that he feels may push him to his limits. "I guess that is the perfectionist in most of us when we set forth timelines as such."

He does not choose a particular author as a favorite, "for I find everyone who takes the time to put pen to paper, telling their story, very interesting. It's within all those great stories you find for the most part, a favorite author for that moment in time." He likes "all new and enthusiastic authors. I truly find the field is filled with so many blossoming writers that it is hard to put one as an interest, rather I like to include everyone." However, some authors have been an influence on Thomas' work. "If I have to list a couple I would have to say, Stephen King, Clive Barker, Agatha Christie." Music has some influence on Thomas, and he names a star from his youth as leaving a mark on him and his work. "I have many friends who are musicians. I grew up with a gentleman, who went to high school with me and became a successful country star. Sean Hogan has had many hits in the charts and to see his rise into this type of work influenced me in some direction."

An interesting and "crazy fact" about Thomas' work is, "I work with law enforcement and families on murder/missing persons cases as a Psychic Profiler. It’s a television series I created and will host that is in development with Lamport and Sheppard Entertainment." An amazing event that occurred in Thomas' career was that "I had the opportunity to work with various countries and governments on saving a lovely lady's life that is documented in my second book Signs From Heaven. It's a tear jerker of a story, but a message and learning lesson in the same."

A funny fact about Thomas' personal life is, "I live in the house that Estrogen Built and am!"

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Robbie Thomas' other works are, Signs From Heaven, To You From Spirit, A Link To Heaven...Chats with the Otherside, Paranormal Encounters, Time Shift The Paradigm, and coming out soon, Parasylum