History and Theology

 Ethan E. Harris lives in the Pacific Northwest. His latest work is The Bare Bones List and he writes in the History and Theology genres.

The Bare Bones List is a comprehensive list that includes the names of personnel affiliated, assigned or attached to the 7th Cavalry immediately before the Battle of the Little Bighorn. "This book is unique, providing a cross-reference of names from the most authoritative 7th Cavalry rolls."

Harris decided to write this list while researching "lone survivor" stories of the Battle of the Little Bighorn. "I was constantly flipping from one bibliographic reference to another only to discover that they didn't always agree. So, I created this comprehensive cross-reference so that other researchers could avoid the same frustration."

He is inspired to create his works because "I enjoy research. I love dusty books. I love the discovery that comes from combining those."

He designs his own covers using Adobe products.

An interesting challenge that appears to be indigenous to writers of particular historical topics (from BZ Hercules' perspective, but Harris is confirming-thanks, Ethan!!), "It is very difficult to 'break into' a topic with so many excellent historians who concentrate primarily in the 7th Cavalry and the Little Big Horn. I have since learned that these historians share an uncompromised passion and fascination surrounding the famous fight."

Harris's favorite authors include Thomas Sowell, John Piper, Dave Grossman and Vince Flynn. "These authors weave wonderfully worded narratives out of principles that I dearly believe in."

A new author, Tosca Lee, has impressed Harris. "I just read her book, Demon. It was so smoothly and simply written that it was almost impossible to put down. Her ability to create vibrant imagery is almost unrivaled in modern fiction."

Established authors have impacted Harris's work. "Those I've mentioned above, of course. I would also add E. A. Brininstool, W. A. Graham, Mike Koury and John M. Carroll."

His work is also influenced by the music of "Dead Can Dance." He calls them "haunting and intelligent."

On a personal note, an interesting fact about Harris is that "I've studied Ninjutsu under Masaaki Hatsumi."

 We can link up to Ethan Harris's complete body of work on Amazon here.

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A list of his work is below:

The Gospel According to Joseph Smith

Conditional Forgiveness

The Bare Bones List

Custer Survivors 101

The Court Martial of Thomas H. French (as editor)

Sixty-Six Years in Custer's Shadow (as editor)

Reno Vindicated (as editor)

Left by the Indians (as editor)


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