Mr. Darcy Parries Forth in Love

 John D. Ayers is a New England writer who writes Historical Regency Romance. His most recent work is Mr. Darcy Parries Forth in Love, which is a "Jane Austen-esque continuation of Pride and Prejudice. Follow along as two of Jane’s most endearing characters, Mr. Darcy and Elizabeth Bennet begin to enjoy their lives with one another. This novel takes place six weeks after the happy couple is married, and explores their life with one another as their love blossoms. The novel ranges around Pemberley, and forays into London. Dramatic fencing scenes and other conflicts abound on the estate of Pemberley. All of this transpires amid the lovely deepening of Darcy and Elizabeth’s romantic relationship. Enter into a historical romance, where life was all about love, family, wealth, and proper society. May your body tingle and feel the deep love that the Darcy’s share with one another as you read on…" Mr. Ayers is a connoisseur of his topic, as is obvious from the pure enjoyment he derives from it. He feels that he is compelled to write for his readers. "{They} inspire me with all their encouragement and support...I write for entertain, and allow people to disappear into a book for a time. I love the regency romance period...crafting loving scenes and deeply connected love simply makes me smile."

His cover artwork is beautiful and he credits @mandematthews on twitter - "Amazing!!"

Mr. Ayers finds creating his novels easy, with no challenging aspects. "It all flows naturally.. it is not work for's a cathartic release.."

His favorite author is Sharon Lathan."Love her 'Darcy' novels." He has been greatly influenced by her, and, of course, Jane Austen, as well as Linda Berdoll and Susan Adriani.

He finds the work of these new authors enjoyable, "Regina Jeffers, Charity Parkerson, and Susan Adriani."

Mr. Ayers remains true to the era in time in which he writes. "I open doors for any and all it's simply the right thing to do."

We can find Mr. Ayers promoting on Twitter, Facebook, and Goodreads, as well as through his friends. Novel number two "is in the works!!! 40% done... :))"

 We can find Mr. Darcy Parries Forth in Love on Amazon Kindle!