Nicole Hill is an author from Lake City Florida. She writes in the Romance Paranormal and Fantasy genre. Her latest work is Legacy Forgotten.

In Legacy Forgotten, Ailis has spent her entire life pretending that she did not have powers because her mother deemed them UN normal and therefore bad. Her grandmother spent the first years of Ailis’ life teaching her, preparing her for a great destiny. When her mother found out she moved them to California and away from her grandmother and teacher. So she decided to spend her life on the side of law enforcement. She is still doing great things. Her only problem now is that she is pretty sure that the serial murders her homicide unit is investigating are not being committed by a human. In walks the most gorgeous man she has ever seen. What’s wrong with that? Ailis not only knows that he is a vampire but she also knows that he is the one who’s been draining child molesters and murderers and leaving an empty carcass for her to find. Still, he does not seem like a bad guy to her. During her investigation, she unearths secrets about her families past that takes her half way across the world back to Camelot to right a wrong that occurred thousands of years ago. Can she trust this vampire to help her solve a mystery that could very well end up with her being life challenged herself?

Dangerously attractive vampire Kenneth has been around long enough to know that there are no such things as coincidences. That’s why, when he meets the undeniably strong willed homicide detective Ailis, he knows that there is a good explanation as to why she looks identical to his long dead fiancé. He just has to figure out what that would be. He decides to look into it and quickly discovers that she may look like his fiancé but she is independent and don’t take any crap. It doesn’t take long for her to remind him that he has a heart and what it feels like when it is breaking. When his one hundred year nemesis shows up in Miami and tries to force Ailis to join him, he realizes that her powers are worth something to even the worst of his kind. He pledges to protect her from any danger as long as he is still breathing. If those trying to keep her from fulfilling her destiny have anything to say about it, that won’t be long at all.

Hill's thought processes in writing are consistent with how she approaches all tasks (see the "interesting fact" about her...) "If there is a story in my head that stays there for at least a month, then I get serious and start writing it down. I go through tons of garbage in my head before I ever come up with an actual story line."

Her humble roots have served her well as a writer. "I grew up poor and in a small town with nothing to do so I read. A lot. I started writing because I wanted to be that person that others looked to for an escape as so many Authors were for me." This resourceful author designs her own book covers, and they have a very professional look to them (See Hill's covers here)

Like many authors, Hill does admit to one universal challenge. "I hate editing. It always seems like I see what is supposed to be on the page rather than what is actually there."

Always a huge fan of reading, Hill's favorite authors are "Authors like Nora Roberts and Lori Brighton. Just because they both write so many different genre of romance. You could buy and read one book and it will be a historical romance and then the next they release will be a paranormal. No time to get bored with them. That's the kind of Author I want to be."

New authors that have grasped her interest are "Quite a few actually since I joined Twitter, but a few would be, Emily Guido with her Lightbearer Series, John Walker with The Statford Chronicles, Tim Miller with The Hand of God Series. That one threw me for a loop and had me rooting for a serial killer. And anything by RG Lawrence is awesome. I have met and read so many great new authors it would be impossible to name them all." BZHercules notes Nicole Hill as an extremely supportive and prolific indie author on Twitter.

Hill is influenced by several authors, "Mostly Authors like Christine Feehan and Serilyn Kenyon. I never read romances before and always loved to write but had never found a subject that I was passionate about enough to take the time to write about it. That is until I read the Dark Series by Christine Feehan. I was hooked on the Paranormal Romance Genre so much that before I knew it, I had story lines of my own running through my head."

The muse in Hill is slightly repressed professionally, but personally, she professes to enjoy one thing more than the printed word. "I am a music lover first and if it weren't for stage fright, that's probably what I would be doing, so there are so many that I would never be able to even narrow it down. I listen to all genres of music but I mostly write to Mozart, Beethoven, and Chopin. Most others genres have me singing like I'm in front of millions and I don't get any writing done."

Hill mentioned earlier in this interview that she removes clutter in her brain, and keeps her environment free of mess as well. "I am pretty much honest about who I am. I don't find it funny or interesting but others find the fact that I have OCD funny or crazy. Ever heard of a hoarder? Well, I'm the opposite. I throw everything away because clutter makes my brain crazy. I have literally thrown away at least three completed manuscripts because when the OCD kicks in I really literally don't know what I'm throwing away as long as the house looks like a model home, I seem to be happy. Exhausted all the time. But happy. :)"

She promotes using social media, and in particular, "I love Twitter and the supportive Indies that seem to come with it. Without their help with RT's and word of mouth from others who have read my book, I would never have gotten this far."

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