TNT Music Unlimited is from Louisiana and Arkansas and their current work is Road to Stage. The members are Chris Trower and Jim Turner

Their music encompasses "country to rock and parts in between."

"We write songs  about things in our life. We enjoy creating, so others may hear the songs and feel they're not alone. Nothing wrong with kicking up your heels and having a great time," says member Chris Trower, who attended the interview. "Life is the best inspiration."

TNT Music Unlimited designs their CD covers and merchandise.

The most challenging part of composing and performing music is "Not getting side tracked, lol."

Several musicians influence their work, such as Waylon Jennings and Stevie Ray Vaughn, and "too many to count from country, blues, and rock."

Chris relates a really funny story from his early days: "I was 16 and I had skipped school to play this venue at a bar and grill. I was told it was a private party, so I skipped school told them I was sick. It was a teacher's retirement, from my school. All the office was there!"

The group can be contacted through their email:

They are building their cyber-following through YouTube and Twitter

Road to Stage CD is available now, with samples through the media below. TNT is working on jingles for several places. "July we have several venues in Louisiana, from Bossier City to Morgan City. We will post when we can. We are playing for you!!"