Laura Wright LaRoche is the author of Black Woods andTwo Sisters: Prattle Tales of Playful Girls. She writes in theSuspense and Humor genres. She is from Indiana.

Two Sisters: Prattle Tales of Playful Girls is based on two of my great-nieces, Addy (age 6) and Izzy (age 4.) I have witnessed many funny events throughout their ‘mischievous’ lives. They use their knowledge in various ways to get, or do, what they want (some times out smarting themselves.) There is no hidden message, or golden rule in this book. It is solely entertainment for all ages.” Two Sisters: Prattle Tales of Playful Girls contains ten hilarious stories about the two mischievous girls. Come explore with Addy and Izzy! It is a  humorous children's/adult picture book collection.

Wright LaRoche has unique way of deciding what to write. “I really don't decide, the story does. If that makes sense? Out of the blue, an idea will start and I have to write.” Her son inspires her writing; he is a factor in all she does, as well as is her family. Wright LaRoche designs and creates her own book covers (and is a featured associate on this site)

The greatest challenge in Wright LaRoche’s writing is finding the time to write. “I have so many different things to do in a day, and writing is at the bottom of the list. I would love to have it first on my list, but life won't let me.”

Her favorite author is Miriam Young. “She is an author of children books. She was the first author I ever read. And to this day, I still re-read her work to all the children in my life.” A new author that Wright LaRoche reads is Melissa Wright. “She is a talented new indie author. I have to love her fantasy writing, she's my niece. :D” An author who is already established that influences Wright LaRoche’s work is Michael Koryta. He is an author from Bloomington, Indiana (Only an hour away from my home). But I have never meet him. He writes with such feeling.

Funny and interesting fact about Laura Wright LaRoche-- "I am an extreme competitive morel mushroom hunter. I spend six weeks in the springtime dedicated to this activity. I stay in the woods at least four hours a day, but I have been known to be there double that time. When someone asks me where I found my mushrooms, I reply. 'In the woods!' Crazy if they think I will tell! *giggle*"

Find Laura Wright LaRoche’s work on social networking sites. “Without Twitter and Facebook, I don't think anyone would have found my books.”

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