Keith Weaver is the author of Nebulous. He is a YA Fantasy and Supernatural Horror author from Bettendorf, IA. He has a wonderful outlook and attitude about his work and respect of readers’ opinions. He is a great role model for young readers, as well as a terrific writer!

Philosophy on readers/fans/critics: I appreciate every reader, truly. I have had conversations with all readers, fans and those that thought less of my work. We're all people entitled to great works and what we feel, everyone is welcome.

Nebulous is about a boy named Ty. Ty is 10, and lives with his Mother and younger brother Xavier. As any boy would, he takes life one day at a time and has his ups and downs. One night, his ordinary life is changed when a dark figure snatches his brother from their room. Ty follows, and thus begins the journey of a lifetime! After being transported to the world of Nebulous, Ty discovers that his brother has been taken prisoner by the evil shape-shifting Queen Joro. Unwilling to accept the fate that is in store for his brother, Ty embarks on a quest to rescue Xavier from the Queen's castle in the lake. Along the way, Ty is faced with many trials and tribulations. He encounters many dangerous obstacles, wondrous creatures, as well as spirits both good and troublesome. Picking up some friends on the journey, these different characters bring magical aspects to Ty's life. Nebulous is more than just a fantasy story, it's about the greatest power and magic of all, the human spirit. Even at ten years old, Ty is unwilling to let his own fears and self-doubt deter him from saving his brother. The love and bond between them can't be broken, no matter what the cost.

Find out if Ty is able to save his brother and return home in the first book of the

World of Nebulous series.

Weaver takes it as it comes, as far as brainstorming ideas goes: “I just come up with creative ideas and roll with them. Once I have a concept, I try to picture how it would turn out as a full book.” His kids are his inspiration. “I take the things they are passionate about and try to create something I think would excite them. I'm also a fan of the arts. I'll see a movie or read a book that will inspire me to create something, as does listening to music.” Challenges in Weaver’s writing comes from the details: “Sometimes little details can escape me, that's why I do several edits. It's important to make sure something in chapter 2 is consistent with something in chapter 10.”

Weaver’s favorite author is Simon R Greene. Weaver states that Greene writes a good mix of fantasy and sci-fi. He likes Greene’s work because you can get lost in it easily. “His Nightside Series is incredible!” He has a great deal of admiration for indie authors. “There are a lot of creative people out there, and the world has plenty of room for all!” As far as his major influences go, “I credit Norton Juster for the writing I do today. As a kid, I fell in love with The Phantom Tollbooth, and it made me want to create my own fantasy worlds and characters. The sky is not even close to the limit on what I will create over the years.”

Weaver’s website is: He promotes his work via “social media mostly; Facebook, Twitter, blogs and other author group sites.”

Other works include a supernatural horror book, The Nefarious. It can be found at the same link on his website. He has all of his books, links to where they are available and more there.

Return II Nebulous will be out later this year!