Peter C. Bradbury is from England, the writer of murder mystery novels. He has written Stonebridge Manor (available now at and Prospects (coming soon). He wrote Stonebridge Manor in response to the interest people have in his work as a butler. He added the murder to “make it more fun.” The murder in question is that of Lady Baldwin, who is beautiful and desirable. She is also conniving and manipulative, ruling her vast mansion with an iron fist. Loved and hated in equal measure, it's anyone's guess as to who would murder her. Stonebridge Manor is set in the 1990's. It involves the wealthy and their servants in an old fashioned mystery. The story is told with the insight of a real insider, and along with humor, the book is an entertaining read. Its cover was designed by Bradbury’s stepson, Jason.

Prospects, the upcoming novel, is about missing persons, while a third is in the works about being bullied. Bradbury finds the most challenging part of writing is filling the story out without boring anyone. Some books “I read I skip pages because they get too technical.” He admires the work of James Patterson because his books are fast paced and engrossing. As far as new authors, Bradbury is too busy writing to really look at them. “I'm very much a first page reader. If that doesn't grab me, I don't read any further.” He is greatly influenced by Agatha Christie and P. J. Wodehouse.

Bradbury’s final note for his readers is, “I strive to entertain and all I hope for is that you enjoy my books.”

Thank you, Peter, and good luck with your new and upcoming novels, as well as Stonebridge Manor, available on Kindle. as well as on Smashwords and here, on Hercules.