Carol Schede is the awesome author of Remember the Shagmeister. She is from Knoxville, Tennessee. Schede considers her genre to be “Contemporary Romance.” Remember the Shagmeister is about “A simple holiday trip home, an opportunity to brag about her recent engagement. How could Katie know she would collide head-on with the past she had worked so hard to forget and the three people who once were so important then ultimately broke her heart? During that momentous trip a life will end, another will begin, and the very nemesis who had set the wheels of heartbreak in motion would become something else entirely.”

Schede says she writes “the kind of stories I want to read.” As for her inspiration,

“As I told one of my critique partners many years ago, I write because I can't NOT write. As I go through everyday situations, I find myself ‘writing’ that particular scene in my head. I even choose the words I would need to get across what I'm feeling at that minute. Weird? Right!”

She designed her own Remember the Shagmeister cover.

Schede finds that she second-guesses herself way too much. “I'm always trying to see every possible reaction my characters might experience, which causes me to overthink what I'm trying to say, and in the end, sometimes say too much. It's so very hard not to tell the reader what to think and how to interpret a scene. I need to just let go and trust that the reader will get what I'm trying to say.”

As for favorite authors, “currently, Elin Hildebrand is my favorite author. I love her characters and how they blend with each other. I also love her Nantucket setting. I've been to Nantucket and can follow right along with her characters as they move around the island. I love it!"

There are several new authors that Schede enjoys; “I'm blessed to have the most marvelous critique partners, all of whom are up-and-coming indie, as well as traditionally published, authors. Barbara Phinney's inspirational romances are some of the best I've read anywhere, ever. Kate Kelly has a Stolen Hearts Romantic Suspense series that will knock your socks off. Be sure to watch for a new one soon to be released that is AMAZING  -- I know because I critiqued it. The first books of Lina Gardiner's Jess Vandermire Vampire Hunter series predate Twilight, so I guess you could say she's already ahead of the curve, and believe me, she will stay there. She's blond and probably not a vampire -- but she certainly does know a lot about them. Norah Wilson can write anything, anywhere, anytime -- from detectives to vampires -- and it is always consistently amazing. These are the new faces in this brave new world of indie publishing. Keep your eye on each one of them and watch them make history.”

Many established authors have influenced Schede’s work: “So many...Elin Hildebrand, as I said before, Anne Siddons Rivers, LaVyrle Spencer, even James Patterson.”

Carol says, to her readers: “I hope you will continue to give indie publishing a chance. I appreciate your interest in Remember the Shagmeister and would love to hear from you.”

Schede’s primary means of promotion are: “I tweet when I can (but not so much that it drives everybody crazy), also through marvelous book reviews (so far, at least, they've been marvelous - but the next one...who knows?) such as Beth was kind enough to give me at this lovely site.”

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Carol, thank you so much for your interview and I hope all readers Remember the Shagmeister