Interview with Natascha Scrivener

Natascha Scrivener has written Some of Her Parts, a poetry anthology and Le Couer de la Mer, Velvet, and more. The Patchwork Spider is currently in progress. She is from Woodbridge, Suffolk and is a literary fiction and poetry writer.

She generally writes in the same style, and has a few favorite themes that always seem to crop up. So deciding what to write isn't that difficult, she says, and the ideas tend to come to her without much help. People, as well as music and film inspire her to write.

Scrivener finds editing particularly challenging. She often reads what she thinks she’s written, rather than what she has actually written, she states in her interview. It’s incredibly difficult to decide what or sometimes who to get rid of!

Her favorite authors include Joanne Harris, Virginia Woolf and Peter Hedges, but she also enjoys Sarah Waters and D H Lawrence. They are all great story tellers, but also brilliant at   creating well rounded, believable characters, “which is what I try to achieve through my writing!”

New authors are not of much interest at the moment but she has connections with other authors, such as Leesa Harker, who “writes fantastically”. Scrivener cites not having much time to read new authors at the moment due to having a little baby. Congratulations, Natascha!