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We create Book Trailers  that are affordably priced for all authors; we create a professionally produced video trailer that is posted under our YouTube account, with a link that you can share with anyone. We look at your book blurb, wherever it is posted, and create a 1 minute, 30 second to 2 minute video with music, description, and pictures in Windows Movie Maker to advertise your book. If you have pictures, music, descriptions, and reviews you would like us to use, note this in your form.

This service is available to any and all business people with products or services to promote, including bands, entertainers, and gizmos. Our specialty is making something out of anything!

1.See this link  for a sample

2.See this link for a sample

3. Bigfoot Hunters Trailer

4. A Darkness Shattered Trailer

5. Endless Summer Trailer

6. Marching with Caesar Trailer

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