I'm Your Baby Tonight

By B.L. Wilson

Releasing Everywhere 10/31/14
Oct 25, 2014

Suppose you could be anybody you wanted to be just for one night. You could dress up in a magical costume for a special party. Nobody, not even your mother, if you had a mother, would know it was you. You learn that a woman you’re interested in—she’s rejected you a hundred times-- will be at the party too. What do you do? Would you go to the party? How would you dress? Who would you be? How do you find out what kind of costume she likes when she won’t even talk to you?
It’s Halloween night. You’re in a fabulous gangster disguise. You see your dream woman at the party and the two of you connect. You dance and talk all night. The two of you have fun. Later that night, you have unbelievable sex with her. She still doesn’t suspect a thing. She doesn’t know you’re the same woman she despises. Do you tell her it’s you? Or do you let her think she’s met someone new? Are you satisfied with just one night? Is she?      
I’m Your Baby Tonight is a romantic comedy with a cast of African American women with diverse personalities, each of whom is yearning to find that one-in-a-million perfect partner.