Caribbean Twilight: Tales of the Supernatural Launches 12/17/2012

By Clyde Viechweg

Dec 8, 2012



Coming December 7, 2012! 

Folktales presented by the Master Storyteller, Clyde Viechweg!

Do you sometimes see shadows over your shoulders? Do you think your eyes are playing tricks on you?

Well think again!!! There are out there.... Dark forces.... Evil... Waiting for the sun to set.
From the Caribbean master storyteller comes a gripping selection of short stories, guaranteed to keep you on the edge of your chair and chills running through your spine.
Follow a young man’s encounter with a La Diablesse, an evil spirit in the form of a woman who lures men to their death.
If that's not enough, you will hear about a Ligaroo. A man who makes a deal with Basil, an evil spirit that lives in the silk cotton tree, that loves human blood. Basil possesses him on a full moon night and flies through the village, sucking the blood of sleeping women and children.
Why not make a deal with the Sea Devil; he will be sure you always catch a boatload of fish in exchange for your soul.
Join Father Baker in an Exorcism as he tries to rid a young girl of a powerful demon.
Take a ride to Sandy Island and break the heart of a young woman, whose grandma happens to be an Obeah woman. She casts spells that keep men bound to home.
Maybe you should get a pet.... A Baku, a little goblin
Like a critter that carries out your wishes in exchange for milk and cake. But try getting rid of him.
Mirror mirror on the wall... Yes, there exists black mirrors that sorcerers use to see the past, present and future anywhere at any time in the world.... Who is looking at you?
Julien Fedon led a revolt against the British and then vanished without a trace.... Or did he? In a dream, he recounts to the author his childhood, religion, the revolt, and the great mystery: where he went and who he became.
You will never look at the Caribbean the same way again.
What will be under your bed tonight? Haha ha ha ha!