The Awakening of Graye Moon

by Coffey Brown

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Aug 21, 2012

The Awakening of Graye Moon

By Coffey Brown

Paperback IBSN: 978-0-9856756-0-8

eBook ISBN: Pendiing

Interview with Author Coffey Brown

Quietly strolling the hallways doing just enough homework to advance to the next grade, Graye Moon has not been interested in dating. Her parents won’t allow her to date before she turns eighteen anyway. One morning the stunning sight of her best friend stirs her soul igniting a secret desire to modify her parent’s golden no dating rule.

Warwick, New York—August, 2012 On a quest to find true love people sometimes ignore what’s directly in front of them. That’s when the old adage, if it were a snake it would have bitten you, comes to mind. Love often comes when it’s least expected and at times, from sources that have previously gone unnoticed. Sometimes love roars in with the loud commanding whistles of a drum major and in other instances, it tiptoes quietly into the room.

Graye Moon, a high school junior, lives a somewhat quiet life. One day in class she notices just how beautiful her best friend, Mackenzie, has become. Once her eyes open to what’s in front of her, she’s unable to think of anything other than Mackenzie. Noticing her uncontrollable distraction, her sister’s Sylver and Blu, begin harassing her trying to bully her into admitting the source of her distraction.

The Awakening of Graye Moon is a story about friendship, accusations and sibling rivalry. Brown’s writing style draws you in with unexpected twists and turns that emerge out of this emotionally driven story. The Awakening of Graye Moon will appeal to teens, young adults, and adult readers with the basic premise being love. This story will leave you stunned.

      About the Author                                 

 Stacey Pierce aka Coffey Brown is working on projects in various genres hence the pen name. She has worked professionally as a social worker for twenty years creating the desire to write. The Awakening of Graye Moon is her second novel. Originally from New York, she lives in the Charlotte, NC area with her partner of thirteen years. More information can be found on her website at