Take the Silk Road Home by Barry Terenna

Take the Silk Road Home is Barry Terenna's debut novel that spans several decades. I admit I was attracted to the book's content due to my affinity for the era and the New York locale. Although this is a book targeted to Baby Boomers, all readers can relate to the content and sibling issues posed by Gianni and Vinnie Fresco, two very different Italian-American brothers who grow up and take different paths through very turbulent times.

Terenna takes us from upstate New York to Asia (China and Vietnam), where interesting events occur that shape the two main characters' lives. One brother is wild and makes poor choices, while the other is studious and responsible. This book, on the whole, is extremely engaging and informative, from the origin of Drake's Cakes to Woodstock, and the history of the Tet Offensive. The characters were clearly defined and represented the era in time very well. There were also several plot twists and surprises that made Take the Silk Road Home very difficult to put down! 

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