Rolando Garcia is a Latin American author whose most recent work offered on Amazon is "The Sun Zebra," a Contemporary, Family Fiction short story.

"The Sun Zebra," which is Garcia says is "best described as a children's book for grownups," is a collection of five stories that follow the "adventures in living" of an unusual little girl named Nell, her mother Rhonda, and Nell's father, who is the narrator of the stories. "Its aim is to encourage us to discover (or rediscover) the amazing things that children and their magical carefree world can teach us, even as we try to teach them about the harsh realities of our own," according to the author.

Garcia's style of creation "depends on what creeps into my mind. I can’t force myself to write specific things, and sometimes this becomes a problem when my mind is hell bent on writing something different from what I need to write. The best I can do is to avoid writing until the wrong inspiration goes away and is hopefully replaced with the right one." His inspiration comes from anything. "It can be anything; flowers, pictures, clouds, insects, people, etc. I like to think that I have a team of muses tugging at me in different directions inspiring me to write this or that. Inspiration gives me the bare bones of the story, but then I use perspiration to add in the flesh. That is the hard part, and then of course there is editing!"

The beautiful artwork from Garcia's covers are "designed by the talented up and coming illustrator Julia Baumgard."

As his favorite author, Garcia selects "Dan Simmons for his versatility. He has written science fiction, horror, and fantasy, winning awards in each genre." As far as new authors, Garcia has read the work of several. "Robert David McNeil (Iona Portal), Barbara Alfaro (Mirror Talk & First Kiss), Laura Novak (Finding Clarity), Suzanne McLain Rosenwasser (Manhasset Stories), Sunny Lockwood (Shades of Love), and Molly Greene (Mark of the Loon). There is a lot of talent out there, and it is coming to us through self-publishing."

Several authors influence Garcia's work. "Among the English-speaking authors there are J.R.R. Tolkien, J.K. Rowling, Isaac Asimov, Ray Bradbury, Stephen King, Dan Simmons, Edgar Alan Poe, and H.P. Lovecraft. Among the Spanish-speaking ones there are Horacio Quiroga, Jorge Luis Borges, and Gabriel Garcia Marques."

It may surprise Garcia's fans to discover that he considers himself somewhat "quirky like the character Sheldon Cooper on the sitcom The Big Bang Theory. Like him I am a scientist (but not a physicist), but unlike him I am not so socially inept!"

Garcia promotes his work in a variety of ways, but "So far my most effective method of promotion has been the KDP Select free promotions."

Readers can find Rolando Garcia's "The Sun Zebra" on Amazon Kindle.

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