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Christopher Long has a rock n' roll background, but these days he is inspired by Jesus Christ. His story of how he acquired his faith is chronicled in C'MON! - My Story of Rock, Ruin and Revelation. His writing is in the genres of Faith, Entertainment, and Autobiography. How is that for diversified? C'MON! has been described uniquely as "The Wonder Years-meets-The Wall at a Big Tent Revival," Long says. Long is from Satellite Beach, FL.

C’MON! offers a bold message of faith based on author Christopher Long’s lifelong connection to the entertainment world. Long recounts his personal experiences with candor and wit – from growing up with Hollywood superstar Brad Pitt to being physically threatened by Gene Simmons of Kiss to hanging out at Donald Trump’s Mar-A-Lago estate to his ultimate life-changing spiritual awakening.

This compelling and entertaining memoir features dozens of photos as well as hilarious original illustrations by cartoonist, Wendrell Tillett, and a foreword by Jeff “Blando” Bland, guitarist for the platinum-selling rock band Slaughter and Vince Neil.

Long has a great deal of experience from which to write, and a wealth of ideas. "My work has always drawn from my own personal life experiences. I merely write what I live."

He credits the following for any artwork found in his latest book. "The cover photography was by Kevin Roberts, illustrations were created by Wendrell Tillett and the cover was designed by Stephen Vaughn."

Like many other writers, what Long finds challenging is, "Being able to set aside the time necessary to focus long enough to create more than one paragraph in a day." And speaking of challenges, Long's favorite author, C.K. Lendt's "work challenges me to take the high road, to always get it right and to be a better writer." Lendt has influenced Long's work, along with Joseph Prince and Andrew Wommack. He also enjoys the new writer Brian "Head" Welch, finding his stories compelling and his style honest and pure.

Long has a dry sense of humor that is evident (sometimes not immediately) in his writing, and when asked what fans might find funny, crazy, amazing, or interesting about him, he states, "I'm currently in an imaginary, committed romantic relationship with Ann Coulter."

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Other Work: "A Shot of Poison" - 2010 (CG Publishing)



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