Tech of Bringing Your Kids to Work

When Your Child has to Visit You at Your Teaching Job


Tech of Bringing Your Child to Work


Bring Your Child to Work Day is a national day aimed at

increasing career awareness in young people. Added side bonuses

include the bonding of families and the improved understanding of

what mommies and daddies do all day outside of the house. Many

places of employment include activities such as presentations and

seminars for the young visitors. Suppose, though, that the mother or

father of the future wage earner happens to be in the education field,

specifically a teacher? Schools are filled with students, pretty much

what the attendee of this special occasion sees all day during the

course of his or her routine. What kinds of special demonstrations

can be planned that increases desire to teach without taking away

from the students, especially when the visitor is on a different grade

level than the “home team”? How does a teacher-parent merge the

two roles without showing favoritism? Sometimes it is necessary to

bring a child to work when it is not a special day.

There is bound to be awkwardness between the two factions;

break the ice by having the visitor bring in some electronics or special

game website. Chances are if they are within a few years in age, they

will have some video game in common. Or, if playing games, even

for a few minutes, is forbidden, have the visiting student prepare a

slide presentation to introduce him/herself to the class. Have a

student pair up with the visiting child, particularly if there is a large

age difference. One can demonstrate to the other some special

computer skills and tie in some of the content of the lesson to it.

There are many learning experiences to incorporate, without losing

the momentum of the teaching day. 

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