I Hate Homework


I Hate Homework

As a teacher, I hate assigning homework. As a parent, I detest seeing

homework assigned to my kids. My reasons may border on pure selfishness, but

I really do not see the benefits of homework for my kids or their kids. I think

teachers all over are lightening up on homework, because the benefits are not


From the teacher view of the homework issue, it is primarily a major pain

to keep track of. I have to remind all of my students to take their books home,

because they do not read the instructions I have on the board. Also, assigning

homework has a direct correlation with the probability that the students will lose

their books, leaving me without enough for each student next year. Then, the

day the homework is due, I have to leave class time to review the homework

with the students, rather than completing some really fun stuff in class.

To give the parent in me equal time, I feel that time at home is my time,

not the school’s time; they already dictate what my kids do a good portion of the

day and year (I throw out summer reading listsI will choose our summer

reading, thank you, if there is any, and I defy anyone to tell me my kids will be

left behind—they won’t be.). We are busy with other activities; we do not have

time to figure out if the teacher has taught a concept so that my child has

learned it, but they are most welcome to send me a report (also known as a

report cardnow there is a Parent Portal in place!) to let me know if my kids are

making the grade. If they are not, then maybe we can get someone to tutor

them, but please, not in my house.

It is not proven that homework provides reinforcement of concepts; in

fact, I feel that it would have to be completed in order to have an effect on

achievement. The higher-achieving students are going to complete the

homework because it comes easily to them, while the lower-achievers are going

to be frustrated and leave it for the teacher to assist them. Why waste anyone’s

precious free time? Maybe an optional web-quest would provide more valuable

reinforcement than rote workbook exercises.

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