5 Websites for Teaching Strategies

Websites to help with instruction

Teachers often use ideas taken from others. In fact, many teachers have

developed their own websites, either privately or through their schools, to assist

other teachers, or to keep a record of their own professional growth. Listed here

are 6 sites to assist teachers by providing information in the following areas:

Inclusion strategies, teaching strategies, special education law, incorporating

technology, professional teaching standards. Each link is annotated for easy


Special Education Law

Wrightslaw is the premier website for laws pertaining to special education, IDEA,

FAPE, IEP and any laws that are pertinent to children with disabilities.

Information is provided that is easy to understand. Parents and educators are

encouraged to view this site to determine if their children are receiving optimal

services under the law.

Project Participate is a U.S. government-supported grant program designed for

educators, administrators, and parents to assist in acclimating students with

disabilities to the inclusive classroom. Materials and handouts can be downloaded

form the site, and all the latest assistive technology is featured.

National Board for Professional Teaching Standards contains information for

teachers regarding the standards to which they should aspire and for obtaining

National Board certification.

Microsoft Online Yes, Microsoft Online has a section on education, with a couple

of wonderful lessons and uses for Powerpoint. Although this is not the definitive

education and technology website, this is worth checking out.

Activity, Curriculum, and Technology: Instructional Strategies for Engaging

Learners is an excellent site that will give the educator ideas of alternate ways to

present instruction. These strategies will amp up lesson plans and engage


Common Core Curriculum (Gates) has mapped out the Common Core State

Standards in a scope and sequence that can be followed by language arts

teachers Grades 3-8. 

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